About us

We use a state of the art digitally controlled CO2 laser machine for cutting, marking, etching, engraving, and other jobs. Our machine is capable of accommodating job size up to 500 mm x 600 mm x 225 mm. Accompanied by latest software we can do jobs with good accuracy and precision.

We have a workspace of 50 sq.m and employee strength of 6 staffs.

We can custom laser engrave for industrial and commercial applications. We have successful relationships and would love to work out a mutually successful partnership with you and your company. Our important clients are:

   ●  ISKON, Bangalore
   ●  Achievers, Coimbatore
   ●  Craftsman Automation Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore
   ●  Mandeep Marbles, Coimbatore
   ●  Velman Graphics, Coimbatore

Types of Materials we can engrave are:

Cutting & Marking or Engraving: Marking Only:
Fabric & Leather Glass & Ceramic
Paper & Cardboard Metal (coated & bare)
Plastic (sheet, film & molded) Stone (natural & synthetic)
Rubber (natural, synthetic & foam) Anodized Aluminum
Wood & Hard Organics  

Some Applications for some of our laser marking or cutting:

Cutting & Marking or Engraving: Cutting Only:
Architectural Models Fabric
Decorative Inlays Foam
Embossing Seals Gaskets
Hobby Models Insulating Paper Spacers
Industrial Prototypes Molded Plastic Trimming
Leather Stencils
Name Badges Templates

Marking or Engraving Only:
Award Plaques Knife Blades
Bar Codes Part Identification
Cases / Housings Writing Instruments
Circuit Boards Serialization
Industrial Prototypes Molded Plastic Trimming
Desk Accessories Sporting Goods
Glassware Tool Marking

More complete list of materials we can custom laser engrave and custom laser cut on is below. Please call us if your material for your custom laser cutting or marking job is not listed, we may be able to work with you.

             ● Woods
Anodized Aluminum
 ● Marble & Stone
Vinyl, veneer, styrene, silicon, pressboard, polyester, polycarbonate,                 nylon, foam, fiberglass, fabrics, ceramic substrates, cardboard and                 paper

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